Case 3 - XiaoYan

'I cordially thank you for making me feel that I am not a loser as a disabled person. Blessings fill my heart and I am contented.' 

Qin Xiao Yan

Qin Xiao Yan was a girl from Henan Province, China and born with a severe right club foot. However she did not receive adequate medical correction of her bone when treated by the doctors in mainland China. Her foot continued to deteriorate and she was not able to manage the stairs at school. Therefore she could not attend classes in school.




   Xiao Yan with a deformed right foot.

With the sponsorship from SRDC, Xiao Yan came to Hong Kong in 2010. She had her pre-surgery assessment on 10 August 2010. Her right foot showed severe equinovarus deformity and there was a thick and tight scar on one side as well. Because of her deformed foot, Xiao Yan could only walk slowly on the dorsum of foot with a big callosity. Thus she could only bear walking for 30 minutes maximum. 

Xiao Yan received the surgery at DKCH on the same month. Her doctor released the soft tissue of her foot then corrected the deformity gradually with the Ilizarov external fixation system. The correction was a long process which required gradual adjustment of the external fixator at post-surgery checkups.    


Her treatment continued with the dressing part which the external fixator was removed. The foot was protected in cast to hold the correct position.


On 12 November 2010, Xiao Yan was discharged from DKCH. Her checkups was monitored by doctors with her right foot in cast for three more months. The last follow up was conducted in November 2011 and she could walk for two hours steadily. She writes to us from time to time.  We are very pleased to hear from her that she got married in 2012.


Her foot is applied with orthosis for protection when returning to China.



Xiao Yan’s thank you note

Hello members of SRDC,

I must say a big thank you to you all! I was a disabled person from Henan Province. With storkes of luck, I was able to come to Hong Kong under the assistance from SRDC for medical treatment.

People with disabilities feel very helpless and inferior at times. I experienced unfriendly looks and comments from those did not want to get to know me. On the other hand, to my relief, I found some others who were extraordinarily kind. They offered intensive care during my treatment in Hong Kong. I have to express my gratitude to SRDC and the doctors. With their help and effort, I now become a new ‘me’. And of course I feel perfection and confidence with the support of many silent others. I cordially thank you for making me feel that I am not a loser as a disabled person. Blessing fills my heart and I am contented.

Also I would like to bless all other disabled people and wish you can receive more help and medical treatment. Cheer up and bless you! 

Lastly I would like to thank those who help people with disabilities again. THANK YOU!

Qin Xiao Yan

9 Nov 2010

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